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Pick-six? Tight end? We tested Londoners’ NFL knowledge

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What does London know about NFL rules 10 years after the very first American football game on the British soil? Since 2007, London sports arenas are filled to the top with fans dressed in various NFL jerseys every autumn. We cheer clashes between athletes from across the pond following the Star Spangled Banner played out loud. It’s fair to say London has embraced the discipline, but have we actually learnt the game’s basics? Do we know what kneeling is as much as the offside rule in soccer? Can we explain the role of a tight end as succinctly as where a centre forward operates on the pitch? As gridiron came back to its roots last Sunday and at Twickenham, England's home of rugby, the Arizona Cardinals were defeated by the LA Rams 33-0; the Voice of London joined the crowd and asked