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Films vs Trailers

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We decide what films are worth the price of a cinema ticket by watching the trailers, but can they live up to their expectations? Reporter: Marta Szymborska | Sub-Editor: Martina Di Gregorio Trailer [trey-ler]: a short promotional film composed of clips showing highlights of a movie due for release in the near future. Production companies release trailers in order to promote their upcoming movies – assure great viewings and revenue. With the amount of huge block-busters and smaller production films coming out each week, (around 560 Hollywood only films were released in 2015), the audience needs help deciding what films they want to pay for. Prices for Cinema tickets in London £17.75 for 3D adult £12.75 for a 2D adult £15.50 for 3D student £10.50 for a 2D student

“Suck my D*ck!” Perez Hilton Fires Back At Angelina Jolie Over Threats To Be Sued

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This comes after Hilton’s coverage over the Brandgelina split. The American blogger is famed for his delivery on dishing the dirt and trashing celebrities. Reporter: Raynor Fry |  Sub-editor: Alex Clement In the Perez vs. Jolie chronicles, Jolie’s lawyers contacted the controversial celebrity blogger, where they threatened legal action if he didn’t alter his posts about her split with husband, actor Brad Pitt. But, the ever-bitchy Perez didn’t take too kindly to the 41-year-old actresses’ request. He demanded an apology by stating to have been offended and a “huge fan and supporter of hers” [telling Jolie and her lawyers]: “Fuck YOU. And suck my dick!” Meow. In other news, #AngelinaJolie's lawyers at Greenberg Glusker have just threatened to sue me for my coverage of her sp

Roald Dahl’s Big Christmas Comeback

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‘Revolting Rhymes’ will be adapted for the BBC this December. Reporter: Alex Clement | Sub-Editor: Marta Szymborska The small collection of rhymes by the great Roald Dahl will be making its comeback this Christmas, and on to our screens. ‘Revolting Rhymes’ was written in 1982 and makes up of six stories, which recite the classical fairytales we know and love, but with twists and turns that will surprise us all. The producers who created ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘Room on the Broom’, will be behind this latest TV adaptation and it’ll be shown on BBC One this December. It will mark 100 years since the birth of the beloved Roald Dahl, and to celebrate, stars such as David Walliams, Dominc West, Rob Brydon and Tamsin Grieg are said to be voicing characters in his stories. Rose Leslie, Bertie
‘GQ’: Men Of The Year Party

‘GQ’: Men Of The Year Party

The 20th anniversary of GQ Men of the Year party happened last night, including honours to Barack Obama, Tom Brady, Will Smith and Johnny Depp.   Words: Aminah Mughal, Subeditor: Alice Marshall  The men's fashion and style magazine hosted its annual celebratory bash in Los Angeles at Chateau Marmot on Thursday night.  The popular venue where the event was held was attended by many stars on the red carpet. The special edition of the magazine features Barack Obama on the cover to commemorate the 20 years of the 'the best and the brightest'. Also in the magazine, a white house Q&A with the president. Editor and chief, Jim Nelson said on Snapchat it was "the biggest party of the year times 20. Celebrating the heroes and accomplishments."   Comedy actress and best friend of