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Can money buy you a modelling career?

Can money buy you a modelling career?

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The Oxford English dictionary defines nepotism as “The practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.” (From Left: Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen & Christy Turlington) Photos: Wikimedia The practice of nepotism is something that has shrouded a dark cloud over the fashion industry for the last decade. Almost every face you see in fashion magazines has a family connection to the industry, whether it be a model mother or famous actor father. This begs the question, have the days of being spotted in McDonald’s a la Gisele Bündchen come to an end? Back in the 1990’s which is remembered as the era of the ‘supermodel’, the models were scouted for their talent, and that alone. Naomi Campbell was just 15

The power of women: Glamour’s Woman of the Year Awards 2017

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The 27th edition of the Glamour Women of the Year ceremony took place last night at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn, New York. Hosted by Billy Eichner, it was a celebration of strong and powerful women around the world. As the world is gradually changing, it is very reassuring to see that there is an army of fearless women ready to fight for their rights. This award ceremony is the proof that a feminine revolution is on the way as women around the globe remain strong and united. From astronauts to refugees by way of activists, supermodels and Oscar winners, it gathered all the inspiring women of 2017. There are many incredible women in the fashion and entertainment industry. Last night, some of them also had the honour to b...

The Fashion Awards: 2016’s Winners

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Last night The Royal Albert Hall played host to one of the most significant nights of the year: The Fashion Awards. Reporter: Grace Brown | Sub-editor: Zynab Sandhu Formerly known as The British Fashion awards, the event hosted a 4,000 strong guest list with 14 awards up for grabs, including the Outstanding Achievement award which was awarded to Ralph Lauren for his work on becoming globally known for it’s “all American” look. David Beckham presented the award to Lauren who was responsible for opening the first American store on Bond Street, home of luxury fashion brands. The event, which focuses on designers, brands and models, saw plenty of competition among those nominated for some of the most lusted after awards of the year. Lady Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger, and Kate Moss were jus