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Do figs contain the dead bodies of wasps?

Wasps enter into figs to pollinate flowers, lay eggs and finally die inside. Reporter: Yueer Wang | Sub-editor: Phuong Thu Nguyen A video released by Gross Science showed that figs are likely to contain the dead bodies of wasps due to the pollination progress. Unlike majority of fruits which have seeds coming from flowers, figs are inverted flowers. Its pear-shaped pod traps thousands of flowers in it, which makes them difficult to get pollinated. Therefore, wasps come to help pollinate the flowers in a special way. Pregnant wasps enter into figs from their ostiole, which is the tiny opening on their bottom, and drop their fertilised eggs into as many of female flowers as they can. Along the process, they fertilise the flowers with the pollen they are carrying as well. Sadly, beca...