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The countdown is over: The H&M x Moschino’s blast from the past is finally here

The countdown is over: The H&M x Moschino’s blast from the past is finally here

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More high-street, than high-end In the past, the fashion industry has promoted exclusivity and a bit of secrecy that only the upper class was able to reach. However, in the social media era, fashion has begun to capitalise on brand partnership or the so-called collaborations. These aspects help in boosting the brand's identity and expanding target markets. A collaboration could be made between designers, influencers, artists or celebrities and it could change stereotypes for the brand, even if it’s made for a single collection. This change in the fashion industry has allowed society to invest less and gain more as they pay lower prices for high quality. It wouldn’t be a surprise for anyone to say that one of the most appreciated collaborations are launched by the Swedish retailer - H

Erdem X H&M from the centre of the event

A look at Erdem X H&M, a partnership inspired by English gardens. The new collaboration, which was released just today, is not H&M's first big partnership. The brand has already worked with designers such as Karl Largafell, Balmain, Versage, Stella McCartney and others. And with every new release also comes the chaos of the first opening. Two years ago, when the brand was about to introduce its collaboration with Balmain, people were queuing for days in the cold just to be among the first to get into the store. As you can imagine, the chaos was real, so H&M had to call the police for help. In other words, a fashion nightmare. Two years have passed, and we decided to have a look at how busy it was at H&M this year. And surprisingly, but also lucky for us - it was ...