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Times change: a literary tour of London

Times change: a literary tour of London

Even wondered what London looked like ten, twenty, fifty years ago? You might find the answer in words, rather than pictures... You know that a city is great – that it’s got life, histories and stories – when there are lots of books about it. Not just about it, but about the people who live in this said city, who walk its streets, go in and out of its buildings, drink coffees and teas in its cafes, work, love, fight, suffer. Readers learn to love the city as much as they love the characters; they feel like they’re there, in the book, with them. I’ve often wondered if London is still the same city that so many novels talk about, so I decided to have a walk and go find out. I took my favourite books set in London, and I went to see what had changed. Nick Hornby – A long way down Nick

Role models and diversity: what we are doing wrong

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A conversation with Alex Wheatle, an award-winning black British novelist, to understand how underrepresentation can affect young people and their career   “In prison I found one of the most positive influences in my life”, Alex says. As scary as this may sound, a closer look to our society, can easily explain why a young black man is more likely to find inspiration and encouragement in a place like jail than in the outside world. Alex Wheatle went to jail after taking part in the Brixton riots in 1981. He was only 18 when the police knocked on his door the day after the protests. The months that followed would be just the beginning of a long journey of learning about himself, and building up enough awareness to make him the man he is today; “It wasn’t really the system th