Rainbows…you gotta eat them

I’m not going crazy, you can indeed eat a rainbow. And it’s good for you. By rainbows, I’m not talking about those delicious candies that come in a packet that are too good to eat just a handful of. I’m talking fruits and veggies- and lots of them. The more colourful your dish the healthier you’re eating. Stuck for were to begin? Here’s a list of the perfect rainbow to add to your next dish.


  1. Red: Peppers, tomatoes, chillies. They contain a powerful natural plant pigment called Lycopene which is said to help reduce the chances of cancer including skin cancer. They also contain the usual but important vitamins A and C.


  1. Orange & yellow: Sweet potato, carrots, pumpkins. Orange veggies contain Carotenoids which is what gives that wonderfully bright orange colour. The most popular carotenoid is Beta-carotene, which is famously known for keeping your eyesight healthy and lowering the chances of blindness. There’s also plenty of delicious recipes you can try with your colours here.


  1. Green: Celery, peas, spinach. The super colour of our rainbow possibly because green fruits and vegetables offer a dictionary of health benefits. They boost your iron levels, immune system, and metabolism. Greens contain a healthy does of fibre and folate. Eating a portion of broccoli with your meal provides you with a healthy dose of vitamin K which helps cell growth.


  1. Purple/blue: My favourite colour and super healthy for you. Beetroot, cabbage, radish. A unique colour addition to your meal but these beauties have Nitrates which help reduce blood pressure, inflammation (goodbye bloating) and can lower cholesterol. This means happy body from the inside out.


  1. White: Potato, mushrooms and bananas. Potatoes may be a food you want to avoid when eating healthy due to its high carbohydrate content, but they are actually better for you than you think. They have high amounts of vitamin C and potassium which help regulate salt levels. It is also an important mineral for the normal heart and muscle function, great for those who have suffered heart problems in the past or those living with the condition. Although white vegetables may seem a little bland, they are just as important as the other colours and link back to the history of eating a rainbow.

Words: Melina Zachariou | Subbing: Harry Bourner

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