Pretty Little Thing causes Twitter outrage

Twitter users spoke on their outrage regarding the lack of experience white makeup artists have with black models. Instagram influencer Sandra Lambeck was trolled on social media for her appearance in a Pretty Little Thing (PLT) shoot.

The influencer posed for fashion retailer PLT wearing a nude bodycon dress, whilst looking visibly ‘oily’.

The viral shoot started a conversation about the level of unprofessionalism with the model’s make-up. @TheWeeezy on Twitter began the argument when she compared Sandra’s personal Instagram picture side by side to the one on the PLT page tweeting ‘Sandra Lambeck on Insta vs in real’.


While this tweet might have simply been a dig at the influencer, it has resulted in many models tweeting their own bad experiences they have had with white make-up artists.

Many argued that there needs to be more work done in the modelling industry when it comes to the inclusion of black models.


In an interview with make-up artist Bridgit Obeng, she admits that there is “lack of experience with white professionals when it comes to black girls.”  In her experiences of attending make-up masterclasses, she has noticed a distinct difference in the makeup looks practised on white girls vs black girls.


By Blessing Saphiel

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