Pictures: What happened in the Crepe City Sneaker Festival?

Hundreds of sneakerheads (sneaker lovers) from different areas gathered in Boxpark Wembley, to celebrate the Crepe City Sneaker Festival with shopping, eating, drinking and gaming, started from 11 am to 5 pm.

The crowd queued up before the opening time to wait for a first look at what they could have in the venue.

People lining up for the festival

“I think it’s more fun than business.” one of the sellers told us at the beginning of the festival.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, it also invited famous DJs to present live performances all day, along with a special guest debate on whether should support hypebeast culture (a phenomenon that people who wear cool and trendy brands to impress others) or not.

Various brands of trainers can be seen on the stalls, apart from trendy collaboration brands like Off-White, attendees also could find those exclusive and sold-out trainers from years ago. To satisfy customers from all genders and ages, it has an exclusive space for females as well, some of the stalls even exhibited toddler’s size of shoes.

Shoes for toddler

It was not restricted to footwear only, attendees also have choices on vintage clothes, bags, accessories like caps or pins.

In order to encourage attendees to wear their most trendy trainers, at the end of the festival, the Crepe City team awarded three customers with the best ‘heat’ on the ‘heat of the day’.

Award Announcement

A girl shows her special footwear for today

“It was better than I expect,” another seller said when he pointed his stall to show us at the end of the day. “Things sold out quite quickly. It was full on the shelves this morning, but everything on our table is what we have left now.”

Except for the stalls, people could also enjoy the street food, bars, and games, like the VR experience from Boxpark.

“It’s quite a good venue for holding such an event, we can also enjoy foods and good games.” A customer said, carrying bags around.

Words/ Pictures by: Keming Kuang

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