People’s vote march : all you need to know

Protesters begin marching at Hyde Park, Credit: Sonakshi Sharma

As the country protested against Brexit on Saturday 20 October, the crowd numbers are estimated over 700,000. Watch full coverage below. 

The march that demanded a second vote on the Brexit deal, saw speakers like Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, Deborah Meaden, businesswoman, MPs and youngsters who travelled from across the UK to express concerns of a bad deal or no deal.

The crowd applauded Delia Smith, celebrity chef, who said: “When the vote happened, we were not fully informed. Now we know, dire consequences that can be summed up in just two words- unmitigated chaos.”

Christian Broughton, Editor, The Independent, told the crowds in Parliament Square that their Final Say campaign gained 940,000 signatures, adding “I’m sure we will have more by the end of today” in his speech. The campaign has come a long way from 500,000 signatures in August.

A new campaign was also initiated at the march called #WriteThisWrong which encouraged people to write to their local MPs asking for a second vote alongside a sentence explaining why. The hosts discussed that it was essential to put the people’s protest in writing to increase pressure on the government.

Hosts reveal #WriteThisWrong campaign Credit: Sonakshi Sharma

On the other hand, the Leave EU campaigners were not convinced that there will be a second referendum after they discussed results from market research company YouGov indicating only 20% Brits believe a second vote will take place.

With no response from Downing Street yet, the question remains “What’s next for Brexit?”

Protest in Pictures 

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Words, Video, Gallery: Sonakshi Sharma I Sub-Editor: Duha Ali


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