Netflix is testing mobile-only streaming

The service will be limited to standard definition resolution and is being offered to customers in Malaysia for around $4 (£3.17).

This comes after Netflix announced it would test lower-priced services in Asia, along with expanding the cultural diversity of the content.

It is unclear when or if this cheaper service will be introduced to the already existing 137 million users globally. As statistics showed in 2017, the largest growth in subscriptions came from people purchasing the app on a mobile device. Catering specifically to these mobile users is likely one of the many ways that Netflix will adapt their service in coming years as people flock by the millions to join the streaming revolution.

In an interview with The Economic Times India, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings called their service a “unique proposition” and that they aim create user interest through the exclusive content.



Netflix have become notorious for keeping the viewing statistics of their content to themselves, but earlier this year they released a list of their ‘most binged’ shows. Among the top 10 were Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, Narcos and House of Cards, all of which are Netflix originals.

There is increased pressure on Netflix this year as award season approaches, after two Netflix films won big at the Venice Film Festival earlier on in the year. Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma won the Golden Lion award, while the Coen brothers’ The Ballad of Buster Scruggs won best screenplay.



With Roma battling it out with A Star is Born in the predictions for winner of the Academy Award for best picture, this marks the first time a Netflix film is in serious contention for the major award.

There is currently no confirmation of if the 9.6 million UK Netflix customers will have the option to receive the mobile-only version of the streaming service.


Words: Christian Onions | Subbed: Tabitha Durrant

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