Movember: Why take part?

We’re officially half-way through Movember! For those who don’t know, Movember is a charity initiative that encourages men to grow a moustache to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. 

The fundraiser challenge is now in it’s 12th year and has become supported by over six million moustaches, funding 1,250 men’s health projects in 20 countries.

The Movember organisation has released stats to show the effect of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and suicide rates within men in the UK:

  • A man dies from prostate cancer every 45 minutes
  • One in twenty men don’t survive testicular cancer
  • Twelve men a day take their own lives, which adds up to 3 in 4 suicides being from men – due to this, suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK
  • Around the world, 60 men take their own lives every hour

There are many ways people can get involved in Movember. Usually, growing a moustache should start on the 1st November until the 30th, but there’s no reason why you can’t start now! People who don’t want to or can’t grow a moustache (calling all ladies) can host an event to fundraise or run a Move event – this could be a walk, run, or general workout session to raise donations. Others get involved by doing the opposite of growing a moustache; they Shave Down at the beginning of November, starting the month with no facial hair to start the conversation.

Movember is aiming to reduce the number of men dying too young by 25% by 2030. All money from the various events for the organisation lead to changing attitudes and finding cures for prostate and testicular cancer, men’s mental health and suicide. They also aim to help men start the conversation around mental health and encourage them to open up and become more socially connected.

Below are some photos of the different people celebrating Movember:

Words: Niamh Hutchings | Information, photos and graphics supplied by 

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