Millwall vs Birmingham City fans clash in ‘riot’ at London Bridge

Leading up to Saturday’s Millwall vs Birmingham City match, fans clashed outside London Bridge station.

A witness, Doug Simmons, has said: “The scenes were horrifying, especially due to the fact it was all in the name of football.”

Footage that has been posted online shows what the Mirror has described as a “riot”.


“we’ve worked very hard to be trouble-free.”


According to the Guardian, a number of people have been detained due to the “madness” which resulted in the London Bridge area being on “lock down”.

At 0:03 seconds Metropolitan police officers are shown being pushed as they attempted to control the crowd of chanting fans.

From 0:12 seconds police can be heard to shout “get back” at the fans. Police physically retaliating to the fans can also be seen.


Millwall FC fans have been known for a history of violent behaviour.

Despite ‘hooliganism’ having significantly diminished since the 90s, Millwall fans can are still being seen to have violent tendencies.

One Twitter user said: “Toxic masculinity on display at London Bridge right now. And all in the name of football. Disgusting scenes.”

Earlier this year, Millwall fans were involved in violent acts in Wembley FA cup semi-finals. The violence took place when fans “invaded” football pitch after winning over Bradford.

In 2013, it had been reported by the Guardian that Millwall fans began to fight each-other “during the first half” of the 2013 FA Cup semi-finals against Wigan.

Millwall’s manager at the time, Kenny Jackett, then went on to state “We are continuing to progress as a club… we’ve worked very hard to be trouble-free.”

A witness and fan, George Lipton, has commented on Millwall’s history saying: “Unfortunately you can’t really choose what fans you get, and it’s just a real shame that even after the 2013 statement by Jackett the hooliganism still continues. Would be nice for the team to be on the news for footy rather than violent fans.”



Words: Brenda Zini

Subbed: Leanne Hall


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