Meghan Markle makes another fashion faux pas

Meghan Markle accidentally left the return label on her Self-Portrait dress during the official royal visit to Tonga with Prince Harry.

Image courtesy of Andrew Parsons via Imagine China.

The Duke and Duchess arrived in Tonga two days ago to continue their South Pacific tour, following their two days of environmental and educational activities in Suva, the capital of Fiji. In Tonga, Prince Harry and Meghan plan to meet King Tupus VI and Queen Naxibao privately at the Consulate, followed by a reception and dinner.

Meghan Markle wore a Self-Portrait red dress and looked glamorous as she arrived at Fuamotu Airport with Prince Harry. However, the return label accidentally left on the dress caught as much attention as the Duchess of Sussex’s beauty.

Image courtesy of Kirsty Wigglesworth via Imagine China.

People have responded to the fashion mistake with both disapproval and empathy. On the one hand, even little things like her wardrobe reflect not only her own image, but that of the British royal family. On the other, it’s a common mistake that anyone could make.

The embarrassing tag left on her dress is not Meghan’s first fashion mistake. She slipped up on her two-day tour in Ireland by leaving the plastic packaging on her Strathberry handbag’s protective studs, and neglected to remove a temporary tacking stitch from the back of her J Crew coat during a pre-wedding visit to Birmingham.


Words: Sijie Ren | Subbing: Claire Chung

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