Make-up tricks: Crazy Beauty Hacks

Ever looked at a Rimmel mascara and thought, ‘Woah, that’s a tad bit pricey!’

Makeup these days can be so expensive, then you get to the end of the week and realize you have to re-add that red ‘lippy’ to your next shopping list. Here’s a little way to keep your makeup ‘on fleek’ whilst saving money at the same time.

Instead of spending twenty pounds on a face primer that doesn’t really keep your makeup on, why not try some milk of magnesia. Now before you drop your jaws, yes, I know it is a constipation remedy but if you apply it on the face it creates a white layer and absorbs all the oils on your skin. It’s almost like painting on a canvas, only more affordable.

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For those of you that have to buy a new eye-liner every week because you forgot to keep the lid on, this one’s for you. Just get an old black eye pencil and light it on fire. (slow down not the whole thing), gently get the tip and leave it under the lighter\match stick for just 15 seconds and there you have it, a re-usable eye pencil!

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I can personally say that I am never accurate at perfecting my eyeshadow. (I’m like a little kid still learning to colour within the lines). Here’s a quick trick, just cut off a bit of cello tape and stick it on to the area you do not want to get makeup on. It’s the easiest and best hack ever, before you know it, you’re the next Pat McGrath.

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This by far has to be the craziest one yet, we all know washing your brushes and beauty blenders can be so time-consuming. So why not use a silicone! Tested by many beauticians, it avoids wastage of makeup and decreases the chances of germ and bacterial infection.

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Well, hope this helps, let me know whether these hacks worked for you in the comment section below.

Words: Whitney Ajudua | Subbed: Demi Bailey-Paul

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