Make some space this weekend for some new-age horror ’cause the spooky season’s just begun

Hollywood has been pretty busy churning out new and dangerous thrillers for a few years now. So why are we still binging on those dusty classics for our scare-fest?

Okay give me a second to convince you.

Sure, American psycho is brilliantly crazy but I bet you can find a new tickle spot for your spooky bone this season by watching movie Split’s deadly beast. Or relive the creepy joker phantasm with It, follow the hot mysterious avatar of Archie Andrews solving murders in Riverdale, or just live in the silent solitude with A quiet place.

Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered with this fear-inducing, dreadful, fun-tastic selection for your Halloween binge diet.

The Witch

Begin the weekend with some classic witch-scare-business, and appreciate the power of serious sound effects (and by that my shivering fingers mean screams!) ominous settings, missing child and good old-fashioned curses.


Follow suit with this fairy-tale fantasy horror where in a coastal town, pretty mermaids eat petty humans and still somehow one marine biologist finds his muse in the shape of a deadly siren.

A quiet place

Take a break from all the screams, and visit the land of silence, where the monsters lurk in the shadows, waiting to hunt at the first indication of sound. But remember to shhhh your thumping heart when you get on this ride!

The Alienist

When you find the silence too killing, move on to the land of psychological horrors and scientific control methods where serial killing is more common that habit of eating breakfast cereals.


And when you feel stuffed with all this big-people-horrors, relive your childhood fantasies and have a party with your (not-so) friendly neighbourhood clown. Better yet invite you class clown bud for a perfect night it.


After witnessing the horrors of clown-town, camp your troop in the north side of Riverdale. It’s no joke that Archie got HOT (I mean really did you see those rock-hard abs?!?) and this cold hard fall season I bet you could use some of that mystery to warm your hearts, especially investigating those bloody, messy, pretty people deaths.

Happy spooky holidays folks, now go sleep like a baby.


Words: Meghna Agarwal | Subbing: Matilde Moro

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