Londoners come together to share one passion: The Paris Saint-Germain football club

PSG Club London, created in 2017 is an association that allows any Londoner to join in for special events and organised football matches with a single goal: share the same passion for the French football club.

The French football club Paris Saint-Germain has known a great success among football fans these last few years and has therefore created a fan community in London.

This non-profit association was created on a Facebook page and it currently has about 900 followers. Numerous events are created and one of the most important ones is to get together on matchdays. The meetings take place in a bar and the atmosphere is as if you were in a stadium.

Almost every match is broadcasted, so if you are looking to share your passion for the club with other fans, don’t be shy to join them. Most of them take place at Hoop & Grapes in Farringdon or at the Naughty Sports Bar in Fitzrovia.

On the community section of the page, people interact with each other for all sorts of inquiries. Some sell shirts, others buy tickets for matches and people share anything regarding the French football club, Paris St-Germain. Fans are even recruited for online publishers.

The association also creates events around football matches. Amateurs can participate in organised plays if interested and share their passions for football.

PSG Club London also makes the trip via buses to cities where the French football club is performing, so they don’t miss anything from their favourite team.

See them march together to the Old Trafford for a play against Manchester United.

So, if you are a Paris Saint-Germain football fan, join the page and share your passion with them.

Words: Alexandra Girgis

Image: Johanna Buguet on Unsplash

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