Labour’s manifesto in wordclouds

Source: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

Labour has launched its 105-page manifesto for the general election, committing to “transform” the country and bring water, energy, rail and mail back to the UK. But what does Labour’s choice of words reveal about the party’s views on the current environmental, political and civic issues?

A Green Industrial Revolution

Wordclouds Graphic. Source: The Labour Party Manifesto 2019

“Climate” and “jobs” are two terms that appear often in the manifesto’s chapter about the environment. 

Labour is focusing on boosting the climate industry, as an act that will potentially create new jobs and restore prosperity in all parts of the country. 

Building onshore and offshore wind turbines, as well as solar panels to cover over 20,000 football pitches, are just a few examples of how Labour plans to make the UK greener. 

Is creating towns and cities, where cycling and walking will be the citizens’ first choice of transport, an impossible solution to the ongoing transport crisis? The Labour party does not think so and ensures voters that rail companies will undergo strict reforms. 

Rebuilding Public Services

Wordclouds Graphic. Source: The Labour Party Manifesto 2019

Labour criticises the Tories’ health cuts and privatisation policies that have affected the NHS and social care in the UK. 

As Labour suggests, a solution to the social care crisis would be to provide carers with “paid travel time, access to training and an option to choose regular hours”, as well as increasing the Carer’s Allowance. 

The party aims to upgrade mental and sexual health services which were neglected in the past. 

Making schools more accessible to disabled students and staff and ensuring that Higher Education institutions have decent funding to operate, are just a few of the manifesto’s suggestions to improve the education system. 

Tackling poverty and inequality 

Wordclouds Graphic. Source: The Labour Party Manifesto 2019

In an effort to minimise homelessness, the Labour Party intends to build 8,000 additional homes for people sleeping on the streets of the UK. 

Childcare costs will be taken care of upfront so that families that are on Universal Credit are not forced to get into debt or decline job offers. 

Balancing family life and work can prove tricky so in an attempt to help expecting mothers and fathers, Labour aspires to prolong statutory maternity pay from nine to 12 months, and double the paternity leave period. 

The manifesto puts in the spotlight women’s rights, LGTBQ+ and the BAME communities underlining the Labour party’s aspirations to bringing down discrimination of all sorts in the UK. 

Labour promises a final say on Brexit

Wordclouds Graphic. Source: The Labour Party Manifesto 2019

Labour’s members strongly believe that they are the ones who can “offer the choice of remaining in the EU or leaving with a sensible deal” out of all their competitors. 

The deal which follows the party’s principles will ensure that the UK has a strong future financial relationship with the EU and a widespread customs union, which will allow both bodies to benefit from trade deals. 

Labour turns against the EU Settlement Scheme and plans to grant EU nationals the automatic right to continue living and working in the UK, without fearing potential uprooting.

A new era of internationalism and effective diplomacy

Wordclouds Graphic. Source: The Labour Party Manifesto 2019

The introduction of a War Powers Act will prevent any future prime minister from bypassing the Parliament to commit to conventional military action. 

Labour’s diplomatic approach to the climate crisis will put environmental issues at the heart of the country’s foreign affairs, delivering more ambitious global targets. 

The party’s plans to invest an extra £400 million into their diplomatic capacity will secure Britain as a safeguard of “global peace” and “human rights”.


Words: Ioanna-Rantina Koutsafti

Featured Image: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP

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