Is London Food Too Expensive For Students?

London is notoriously expensive. It is typically quoted as the priciest place to live in the UK, making it a difficult place for students to reside. Even the cost of food can seem inflated.

Millennials love eating in restaurants. According to Business Insider, 53 percent of Millennials go out to eat once a week, compared with only 43 percent of those from other generations. But this social hour can add up quite quickly for those living in London, where a meal for two in a mid-price restaurant averages £40.  


“The price of food in London is expensive. Unnecessarily so,” says Westminster student Vickie. “It’s more reasonable at home in Essex.”

“It’s very expensive to go out, but I still do,” chimes in Kostas. “I go to Nando’s because it is cheap for what it is.”

Nando’s may seem inexpensive, but the cost of a typical meal is around £10, usually more. When compared to the national minimum wage, which is £5.60 for 18-20 years old, it is quite a pricey plate of chicken.


American study abroad student Molly O’Brien was shocked by the cost of dining in London. “It’s much more expensive than I’m used to at home. I definitely prefer to go out, especially to markets, but the cost makes eating at home a better option.”

Students are spending their pounds on food and are leaving university drowning in debt. According to the BBC, university students graduate with the most debt in the entire English speaking world: the average is a staggering £44,000. Perhaps choosing to eat at home instead of in expensive restaurants could help alleviate just a bit of the debt. 

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