How to get pink hair at home in under 30 minutes

After a visit to Bleach London salon left me so pleased with the service, I was eager to find out what more they had to offer. With products sold at Boots, I started doing my reasearch.

Written by: Jessica Penfold | Sub-editor: Grace Brown

Bleach London was created and founded in London, after achieving so much success they now have three salons across the capital with products available to purchase worldwide on Boots. They’ve become renowned for their skill in bleaching and specialising in non-traditional hair colour, so much so that smaller branches of independent salons have taken on this approach and skill since its become such a popular trend and so successful.

One of Bleach London’s most popular products they have to offer are the Super Cool Colours, semi permanent hair dyes which differ from the regular blonde and brown tones you find everywhere else. There are shades of pink, red, blue, green and orange. I took the plunge and tried out “Rose”, the bubblegum pastel pink hue. Below is my video review where I discuss additional items I used which helped to give me a better result.

Breakdown of what you will need:

  • Old towel you don’t mind getting dirty
  • Old t-shirt
  • Dye mixing bowl and brush
  • Wide tooth comb
  • Regular thin comb
  • Rubber gloves
  • Super Cool Colour of your choice

Image by Jessica Penfold


Image by Jessica Penfold


Jessica Penfold


Jessica Penfold

Another product I have come to know and love from Bleach London is the Reincarnation mask. This stuff is on another level. By bleaching your hair its prone to become dry and brittle and keeping this at bay can prove to be quite challenging at times. If this sounds familiar then you must get your hands on the Reincarnation mask, it will change your hair!

This isn’t just for bleach users, this is for anyone who feels like their hair needs a good treatment and this can be used in two ways:

  1.  The products states it’s to be used as a mask and the instructions can be found on the back of the product or how I’ve been using it recently, as a conditioner. My hairdresser was shocked when I said I didn’t use conditioner as I felt it didn’t do anything to my hair, however having it cut and newly coloured she said use the mask as a conditioner and I cant fault the stuff. Your hair feels like silk instantly upon putting it on your hair. Even when brushing my hair afterwards with a comb it went straight through my hair and not the usual knotty mess I would usually be dealing with.
  2. The 2nd way is to use to product as it says, as a mask. This is done before shampooing and can be left on anytime between 10-20 minutes.

I recommended this product to a few people and they too have been blown away as to how good it is. Looking through other people’s reviews online I have yet to come across a bad comment, this product really is the holy grail.


image taken from google.


Image taken by Jessica Penfold


Image by Jessica Penfold


Image taken from Google


Products are also available at Bleach London salons.

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