Halloumi craze continues as new pop-up restaurant extends run after sell out in the capital


There is no doubt that Halloumi is taking over the city, with hundreds of restaurants over London endorsing Cyprus’ favourite cheese.

The pop-up restaurant, ‘Say Hallou-mi to Cyprus!’ was originally only meant to be open for a week, however the dates sold out so quickly that the event has been extended for around another ten days until November 26th (so make sure you get your bookings in quick).

The restaurant is situated in the trendy area of Hoxton, where head chef Francis Puyat has created a menu consisting of five tasting dishes for the fans of this particular cheese.


The items on the menu include:

  • Halloumi and cauliflower fritters with a lime pickle yoghurt (£6)
  • A fresh grilled courgette and halloumi salad with fennel, pine nuts, harissa, honey & lemon (£7)
  • A chargrilled halloumi flatbread with butternut & dukkah spices (£6)
  • Crumbed halloumi fingers with a tomato chilli jam (£6)
  • Halloumi ice cream (£5)

Image by CTO

The idea for a halloumi inspired restaurant was founded by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation who planned to introduce the cheese to Londoners who had never experienced it.

The tourism organisations UK Director, Orestis Rossides said in an interview with Rooster, “We’re delighted to see such a positive response to the launch of our ‘Say Hallou-mi to Cyprus’ restaurant. Londoners clearly share our love of the Cypriot national cheese, halloumi.”

So be sure to check it out whilst its in town as it will disappear for good on 26th November.


Words: Harry Bourner | Subbing: George Hinks

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