Grenfell report: some of the 72 people who were killed could have been saved

The Grenfell inquiry report stated that people could have been saved if only the fire brigade had proper training.

The Grenfell inquiry report says people could have been saved if only the fire brigade had proper training. 

On 14 June 2017, a fire started in Flat 16, floor 4 of the Grenfell Tower and caused the death of many people, including Logan Gomes, who was stillborn in hospital hours after the event and Maria Del Pilar Burton who died several months later. 

The report, published by Chairman Sir Martin Moore-Bick, said that more people could have been rescued if only the building was evacuated earlier. 

In the report, it said that “The London Fire Brigade’s preparation and planning for a fire such as that at the Grenfell Tower were gravely inadequate”. The report added that none of the commanders and senior officers had received training in fighting fires that may have been caused by combustible cladding.

Families ‘heartbroken’

The inquiry which explored what happened on June 14 argued that the best part of an hour was lost before Assistant Commissioner Andrew Roe retracted the “stay put” advice. 

Families of the victims and survivors are “heartbroken” to hear what was stated in the report as they called on fire brigade seniors to be dismissed and prosecuted. 

Following the report’s release, London Fire Chief, Dany Cotton, expressed her “deepest sorrow”. She added that the inquiry has no expert evidence to support what was claimed about the evacuating the tower. 

Fire safety promoted

The inquiry made 46 recommendations which the Grenfell United support group wants implemented in full, adding that they could save lives in case of a similar event. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that survivors have been wrongly treated. He added that the government is organising to name the companies who were failing to substitute unsafe cladding on their buildings. 

The next phase of the inquiry will focus on analysing “the testing and certification of those materials and the reality of central and local government in promoting fire safety”.


Words: Giulia Frau

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