Words: Kiera Chapman | Subbing: Joanne Clark

Popculting: the impossible present participle extracted from the noun ‘pop culture.’ It is the activity in which a group of people gossip in a controlled manner about Harry Style’s suits.

How many times after watching your favourite show, have you ambushed an unsuspecting friend, demanded whether they saw that scene (you know, the one where so and so kisses so and so), but were greeted by a dismal shake of their head?

Your reciprocal questions becomes quickly rhetorical. Devastated, your first reaction is to de-friend them, but being the good egg you are, seek to save their uncultured soul.

This is where Popculting comes in: a Gram that’ll save your fam and make sure everyone is up to speed on the latest company Taylor Swift has sued.

Popculting is an online visual magazine, accessible via only Instagram, and created by six third year BA Journalism students from the University of Westminster. Every Friday, they live stream the latest conversations surrounding the entertainment industry. The chats take an intimate panel show format where opinions on popular culture are discussed and debated; it’s also possible that viewers may find some scenes amusing.

Throughout the week, the channel will be unable to live-stream, as the students suffer from a severe conversation drought. Notorious celebrity quotes and sketches are posted to maintain momentum, as well as re-grams.

Fancy yourself as a bit of a popculter? Potential Popculting Participants, technical term, are able to sign up (aka follow) here: push to popcult.

From Lavi, Jo, Kiera, Maria, Tracey and Bella: See you Friday!


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