From head to toe – Autumn/Winter 2020 Trends

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Looking to get out of your lockdown loungewear?  Take a look at the Voice of London’s exclusive style guide to help you switch up your style for the months ahead.

Choosing an outfit is somewhat easy, though taking it up a notch only comes with the help of accessorising. It can make your full fit into a full drip.

We all have our essentials when it comes to our preferred style, like our signature go-to bag with everything in it, without thinking of an alternative that can make a difference in the look. Well, key details are what you have to look out for, whether it be studs already glued to your ears, all the way down to what is on your feet.

When constructing an outfit it is ideal to keep the focus on the colour scheme, including the little detailing such as the thread colour to the design itself. If it stands out, use it and enhance it with the support of accessories. If you think about it, it’s almost like decorum for your attire, adding bits and pieces to make it complete, just like making a home, your home.

This season’s favourites include bold chains, essential hoop earrings and of course the 90s infused shoulder bags. If you style derives in streetwear, these are definitely ‘must-have’ items, especially when paired with an oversized t-shirt and baggy trousers.

Here is a video from fashion enthusiast itsyuyan take a look at her lookbook for this season

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Sweater Weather

This Autumn, sweaters are essential. You heard it, we are bringing the chequered print back in! Sweater vests can go a long way when it comes to your outfit, not only do they keep you warm but they are known to stand out. It can be seen as a versatile investment that goes hand in hand with layering. Although classified with being nerdy, this trend can be worn loose to extenuate the boxy silhouette style that is made for your “working from home” look or a classic fit to be paired with jeans. Let’s not forget about cardigans. They have somewhat made it into this season and no doubt they are a must-have, from cropped to oversized they can be paired through loungewear all the way to a date-night fit.


Leather to Pleather

Leather is a key for this weather, it always brings the fit together. From pants to jackets, the leather effect never goes out of season. Now, especially that the oversized trend is still ongoing, we have seen many brands interpret this style. Let’s keep it PU! Although we love to look stylish, we can still do so while being environmentally friendly. Save the environment in style! By default, the idea of a leather jacket has the essence to make one feel somewhat chic, forget about the cliché biker jacket and say hello to the oversized fit

The puffier the better!

For us Brits, we are used to the gloomy weather and random temperature changes. Being wrapped in a puffer coat is practically the same feeling as being snuggled up in a duvet, which most of us are during this pandemic. From your average black puffer to a pop of colour, whether it be long, cropped, gilets; you name it, there is always one for your preferred style.


A shacket is a combination of a shirt that is thick enough to be classified as a jacket. This new trend originally came from military infused attire, but it is a staple for a more oversized look. Along with its flannel print, many stores such as Zara have taken a great liking to this style, it is unique, comfortable and cosy.

          Lookbook by Amber Meghani

Baggy not saggy 

From tops to bottoms, oversized and loose garments are what we are lounging in during these times. We have seen “boot-cuts” creep in early SS20, however, they have seemed to be a statement of this season paired with either a mesh print crop top or an oversized graphic tee. For a fact, vintage is the new new, it has been at its most popular demand, whereby many stores have taken vintage infused designs and made it into the world of fast-fashion.

Garnish the drip with accessorising

Let’s not forget about shoes, yes it can be classified as an accessory! I think we can all say that we have a soft spot for our favourite pair of shoes. This season, neutral colours are essential. What is on our feet makes the outfit complete, even if it is just a pop of colour in both the shoe and sock department. Combining colours and a little bit of bling makes the outfit stand out. Even if you are having a bad hair day, throw on a hat. Accessorising? Yes of course.

If you are still lost for ideas here are 100 more outfits for winter!

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If you are not a fan of accessorising but want to switch up your look, maybe try colour blocking? It is a great example of accessorising without accessories, as it layers different shades of a specific colour palette to enrich its look while it attracts the eye.

If you think about it, anyone can buy the same garments as you, but wearing it different is only something that is done with some garnish.

Click here to find an all exclusive lookbook for A/W20 Trends by Amber Meghani.


Words: Amber Meghani | Sub-edited: Shravani Chavan


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