Passengers evacuated after ‘smoke cloud’ seen at Canada Water

Credit to Chris @imageplotter

Canada Water and Canary Wharf stations have been evacuated, after smoke was seen coming from the Jubilee line platforms. 

Both stations were closed for 10 minutes after the evacuation was called at 9.45 am.

Voice of London was told by one passenger, “around 9 o’clock, I went to Canada Water but it was oddly crowded for a day like today. I was waiting at the platform, missing about 7 trains because of an immense crowding.” 

Aasiya Lodhi who commutes from London Bridge told us, “then I heard an automated alarm and we had to walk up four floors to evacuate from the stations, but I didn’t smell or see much of the dust.”

A spokesperson of Transport For London (TFL) confirmed: “We were doing testing of fans in the tunnels. It inadvertently created a dust cloud so we evacuated the stations.”


Words: Kim Se Hee

Image: Chris @Imageplotter

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