Children in Need: Joe Wicks completes 24-hour PE challenge

Photo by: BBC Children in Need

Joe Wicks has raised more than £1 million for Children in Need after completing his 24-hour charity workout challenge.

The interactive Joe Wicks 24 Hour PE Challenge started at 10.20am yesterday on Thursday 12th November and came to an end on Friday morning.

Wicks, aka The Body Coach, said: “I don’t know how I’m still standing, I thought I’d be asleep on the mat.”

The British fitness coach also encouraged people to join in at home and post pictures of their workout on social media.

On his interactive website, he also put out a live update thanking “everybody who took part in the workout, and everyone who donated.”

The celebrity fitness expert was awarded an MBE last month for ensuring the nation stayed fit during the first national lockdown.


What exactly was the challenge?

The challenge, which was announced last month, saw Wicks workout all day and all night.

He did a variety of activities from yoga to cycling, rowing to boxing alongside his HIIT (high-intensity) workouts.

As the 24-hour countdown clock hits zero, Wicks throws up his arms in celebration | Photo by: Screenshot from BBC Children in Need YouTube video

During the 24 hours, he was joined virtually by a host of celebrity guests – including Sam Smith, Mel C, Louis Theroux and a group of BBC Radio 2 presenters live on-air.

iPlayer and the Red Button allowed TV viewers to keep tabs on Wicks’ efforts live.

Who is Joe Wicks again?

The 34-year-old author and TV presenter ran free fitness classes for parents and children on weekdays during the first national lockdown.

After schools returned in June though, Wicks told his viewers he would be moving to a reduced timetable as he mentioned he needed “a little bit of rest.”

On an Instagram post, Wicks wrote that he “felt very proud” to be able to bring so many people together during lockdown after finding out his online workouts had hit nearly 70 million views worldwide, which he described as “truly mind blowing.”

He also added that he “loved every minute” of the online classes.

Joe Wicks Instagram | @thebodycoach


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Words: Dina Nazari | Subbing: Grace Staley

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