Channel 4 documentary reveals an era of misogynist sex robots

Picture by: Fatima Nasir

Picture by: Fatima Nasir

Words: Fatima Nasir | Subbing: Isabella Dawe

Channel 4 documentary The Sex Robots are Coming, picked as Thursday’s must watch by the Guardian, explores the future of robotic sex. The sex machines featured have received wide spread criticism for representing anti-feminist, misogynist and unrealistic body image.


The robots are built to resemble the image of porn stars with curvaceous figures, bulging chests, a Kim Kardashian behind and fuller lips.


Anti-sex robot activists have criticized the smart sex machines claiming technology is misogynist.


The artificial intelligence specifically intended to be the “dream women” for men, is programmed to be submissive, passive and agreeable. Her installed responses range between polite and tame like “shoot your load baby” to “I am obliged to delight your life”.


A review of the documentary by iNews states, “awkward, unsettling and horrifying”. The almost human-looking appearing robots fall short of a realistic affect and instead ends up as an unusual and creepy valley affect.


The price for the Robot that will provide loners company, empathy and sexual favors in place of a human companion will be charged at 11,700GBP once available.


Featured in the documentary Chief Technician Matt and his team at Realbotix pride themselves for the creation of Harmony, a prosthetic covered robot equipped with artificial intelligence.


The creators of Harmony are aiming for the most life-like sex robot, to install an identity and “personality” into her and release her on the market by next year.


Matt initially intended to make a companion robot equipped with artificial intelligence but had to opt an entirely different route when colleagues repeatedly asked if they could have sex with it.


Voice of London has reached out to Realbotix for comment.


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