Brexit countdown: what’s next?

With Prime Minister Theresa May facing a prospect of no confidence following MPs resignations and the dispute over the Brexit withdrawal agreement draft, negotiations are becoming more intense and challenging than ever. 

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The official departure of Britain from the EU is scheduled for 29 March, 2019. For this to happen, the British government must hold a vote in the House of Commons before Christmas and outline the future relationship with the EU in terms of borders, money and laws.

What’s covered so far in the deal?

The document will legally make the UK pay a divorce settlement of at least £39 bn. to cover the contributions to the current EU budget and other related financial commitments. 

Citizens’ rights are also disputed in one of the sections of the document, with the most problematic inquiry being about the access and rights of Britons to work across borders in the EU. The clause also states that the EU citizens who wish to stay in the UK afterwards have to apply for “Special Status”.

The Irish border conflict is still questionable. The UK has agreed to a backstop clause that will result in Northern Ireland remaining in a customs union in relation to the EU market rules for good.

What are the next steps?

Here’s a summary of what you need to know.


Public response on Twitter has shown mixed reactions:

Words and infographic by Teodora Agarici | Subbing by Maria Campuzano

Photo credit: TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay.

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