Boris Johnson calls Labour’s pledge for free broadband for all a “crackpot scheme”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Labour’s pledge for free broadband for all “fantastical” during his appearance on the special election programme on BBC 5 Live.

Labour announced yesterday that if elected, they would nationalise Openreach, the digital network arm of the country’s biggest broadband and mobile phone provider.

They said the cost of nationalising BT would be set by parliament and paid for by swapping bonds for shares.

When asked if he would introduce free broadband on the programme, Johnson said that what he would not do is introduce “some crackpot scheme that would involve many, many billions of taxpayers’ money nationalising a British business.”

What does the public think about Labour’s pledge?

#freebroadband has been trending on Twitter all morning, with people sharing their views on the new pledge. Reactions have been mixed.

Words: Hannah Wilson | Image credit: Foreign and Commonwealth Office


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