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Students In The Studio

Students In The Studio

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A common myth about pursuing a career in the arts is that the success rate is very low, which discourages and prevents a lot of individuals from going into what they love. You wouldn’t expect the girl that’s board folding a t-shirt to have a stellar range of abstract paintings in her bedroom, or that the boy behind the counter at Subway has a three octave vocal range. After speaking to multiple students studying art here at The University of Westminster, they offered insight into their work and the what has inspired them and their own works. In the cluttered art studios located in the Harrow campus, Taylor Ellis (second year digital art), Sarajane Martin (second year painter), Aidan Currie (first year sculpture) and Jenö Davies (first year sculpture) talked about their personal experien

Brexit’s Effect on Travel

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Considering the obvious effects Brexit will have on the United Kingdom’s involvement with the European Union, British travel will undoubtedly be affected. British citizens will not need visas to travel into the EU though they will have to pass through passport control. Whilst, this is probably not inconvenient enough to hinder any future travel plans, the value of the pound is certainly enough for to Brits reconsider holiday abroad. Because the value of the pound compared to the Euro and U.S. Dollar has declined, U.K. travellers could be reluctant to stretch their holiday budget across the sea. Many university students will not know a life of self-funded travel pre-Brexit. Accordingly, Univeristy of Westminster students do not seem too concerned about the possible setbacks of internationa

Sounds of the Underground

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There are always lots of musicians playing music in the many stations for the London Underground. Every musician has their own story. They insist on their dream, even though they may suffer from many of life's pressures. This video shows the different types of music from talented London Underground artists, and their spirit of music and life.  

London: A Night on the Town

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    Nighttime Adventures For many, night time is when they go to sleep, but for others, it’s when they come alive. London is a city, so it never truly sleeps. Eager adventurers can find all sorts of places to go, things to do, and people to see in London on a night on the town. All it takes is some curiosity. Hungry? London offers every style of cuisine from mouth-watering Vietnamese street food to succulently elegant French brasseries. No matter how picky the eater, everyone will find something they’ll like. It’s best to not decide where to go ahead of time: just walk outside and follow your nose.   Take In a Show Those who are looking to take in a show should look no further than London’s Piccadilly Circus. Whether you’re strolling i