Are Sexbots coming for our relationships?

Harmony- Al-enhanced sex robot is in the market, and is here to stay. 

Sexual relationships are essential to our very existence. It plays a huge role in terms of how we act, think, and feel. With progression in technology and introduction to AI come bots that one day will have the capability to think and act autonomously. What will transpire when humans form close and intimate connections with these automatons? For all we know, Sexbots are here and staying put.

Photo by Geralt from Pixabay

Harmony – the AI-enhanced sex robot created by Matt McMullen has customisable nipples, and the ability to recite poetry and crack jokes. Buyers can customise their purchase, with a selection of 42 nipple colour options and 14 different labias. The interaction process takes place via an App. It lets the user tamper with the temperament of Harmony by choosing from 18 different traits. They range from, chatty or quiet to jealous, curious and moody. Moreover, Harmony also has an enhanced sister named Solana. The user can change the bots personality settings and create a separate profile and separate avatar by removing and attaching a different face to the same robot in a matter of seconds.

Technology now allows an individual to buy sex. The real question is if it’s considered as infidelity? If we look down the memory lane in ancient Greece, the usage of sex toys was a normal thing in the society. Then came the Christians, who absolutely loathed on anything that didn’t involve missionary position for reproduction purposes. There have been many changes in perspectives over the years regarding the usage of sex toys, but one thing we know for sure is that they have existed for decades.

When it comes to deciding whether a relationship with a bot is cheating, that is a matter between a person and their partner. It depends on if they consider the bot as a regular sex toy, or not. Some people aren’t happy with the use of toys in their relationship, while on the other hand plenty of people think it is a positive thing which makes a relationship more exciting.

According to Voice of London, technology might be doing really well and making a huge profit by selling sex, but can compare to feelings for other humans. People have been forming bonds with different kinds of bots over the years, and yes it is true that the attachment between machines and humans exists, but it’s hard to prove if there’s any desire. Robots cannot take over the human to human connections, that’s for sure.


Words: Peony Hirwani | Subbing: Jeremy Ainsworth

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