Animation for all ages at the Barbican this weekend

This weekend brings the London International Animation Festival, packed with events looking at animation in film for all ages.

There will be a cinema screening at the Barbican Centre, followed by a Q&A with animators Will Anderson and Ainslie Henderson, who will be the opening event tonight at 6:30pm.

Anderson and Henderson have won two BAFTAs, two Mclaren Awards, a British Academy Award and almost 50 other awards at festivals around the world. Within their work they explore everyday issues that would concern and touch the hearts of audiences.

The festival promotes that animation is not just for kids, but will hold a special screening aimed at children up to seven years old. The Amazing Animations screening will take place this Saturday at 10am and will show 14 short films.

Events for the 10-day festival include screenings, Q&A’s with filmmakers, retrospectives and workshops, among other things.

The Wolf House feature will show at 5pm tomorrow afternoon adopting a disturbing spin on existing children’s folklore and fairy tales. It takes inspiration from The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood.

The stop-motion animation film is set in the valley of the Andes in a rural colony in Germany. Maria finds refuge in The Wolf House, which uses her fears and imagination against her, turning her stay in the house to a frightful venture.

Tickets are still available on the festival’s official website.


Words: Tabitha Durrant | Subbed: Christian Onions

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