Ancient treatment for flawless hair

Castor Oil for Hair Growth – Benefits and How to Use It?

Reporter: Amina Sadik | Sub-editor: Kat L’Aiguille


Many of us desire long luscious thick hair that never falls out. But, unfortunately with today’s pollution, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle, our hair follicles are not getting enough nutrition and oils needed to keep a full healthy head of hair.

Nowadays there are so many different treatments which help increase hair growth. But one of the ancient and best known treatments is castor oil.  

Not many people have discovered the wonders that castor oil does to your hair because they are unaware that it is sourced from a natural plant called the castor plant, Ricinus Communis. Castor oil is suitable for hair growth, preventing hair loss and moisturizes hair. It can be used for both men, women and those who feel their hair is getting thinner, castor oil is the perfect solution.

From personal experience all I can say is castor oil saved my hair. I regularly applied castor oil to my hair (around 3 to 4 times a week) and I began to notice a difference just after 2 weeks. Not only has it made my hair thicker but it has grown so much within a month, I feel that my scalp is moisturized and healthy.


How to use Castor oil?

The easiest and simplest way to use castor oil is massage the oil thoroughly into scalp, especially the area where the hair follicles reside. The massage process will increase the blood circulation, making them more likely to produce hair. Leave the oil in your hair either for 20 minutes or overnight. Then wash your hair with shampoo, you may need to shampoo your hair twice if there is still oil on your hair or scalp.


Unfortunately castor oil cannot be found in any supermarket such as coconut oil.  Therefore you have two options: purchase online, or from a store. However, the best place is from a pharmacist or a natural foods store.

When shopping online, you can find it on Amazon or Ebay or from specific health and nutrition stores. Or you can purchase it directly from castor oil manufacturers websites.

whichever source you choose, ensure that its from a reputable dealer, so that you are buying the highest quality castor oil products available.

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