Ajax fans lost in London

The Ajax fans, who were counting on watching their team’s match in London this week, received two bad news reports in the past seven days. UEFA announced on the 18th that fans were banned from attending Stamford Bridge and the punishment comes after the events of the match against Valencia, when a widespread fight between fans of both teams took over the Spanish city.

More than 2,000 Ajax fans were expected in London for the upcoming match against Chelsea on the 5 November, the match is valid for the fourth round of the group stage of the Champions League.

Many were already booked for accommodation and tickets. After the banishment they planned to watch the Leyton Orient x Brighton match valid for Leasing Trophy U21.

Today Leyton Orient issued a statement announcing that the game was postponed with the reason being:

The game, which was originally set for Tuesday, November 5, has been rescheduled following the advice of safety groups, including the police.

After this news the fans of the Dutch club are left without sporting attractions in the most famous city in the world.

Chelsea is on the top of the group H and has the same punctuation of Ajax, the next game is life or death.

Words: Patrick Cohen

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