ABBA exhibition opens at London’s 02 Arena: Embrace your inner ‘Dancing Queen’

If you are a superfan of ABBA and dancing around your room to the much-loved hits ‘Waterloo’ and ‘Dancing Queen’ is a regular weekend ritual, then this is the news you have been waiting for.

From a super fan’s shrine to a replica of the 1974 Eurovision Song contest stage, a new exhibition has just opened at London’s 02 venue that celebrates and looks back at the success of the much-loved pop sensation ABBA.

Within this exhibition items such as certain members of the Swedish group’s school reports, pictures from their journey and tours and they also have the group’s famously bright and bold clothing on display.

If you thought, you were a big fan then you need to think again. One ABBA mega-fan has shared through the exhibition hundreds of items that he has collected over 40 years. His showcase of cushions, scarves, badges and many more treasures is something worth seeing.

ABBA is a household name that is loved by millions. They shot to fame after winning the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest. They have countless hits and are the bass of the well-known film ‘Mamma Mia’.


Words: Emily Boorman

Infographic: Emily Boorman

Feature Photo by Andrew Ebrahim on Unsplash

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