8 New Things To Watch On Netflix This December

Words: Isabella Dawe | Subbing: Fatima Nasir

When you’re sick of turkey, board games and the annual re-runs of Home Alone on TV this Christmas, here are eight things Netflix UK added this December that are actually worth watching

1. Dark
Set in a small town in Germany, when children start to go missing their friends and family frantically search for them. The series features a group of kids as it’s main characters, so think Stranger Things, but German and a lot more bloody. Watch the English dubbed version rather than the German with subtitles, as it’s easier to follow. This is equally scary and gripping, so it won’t take you long to get through this ten episode series.

2. Kick-Ass
A modern cult-classic, Kick-Ass is one of those movies that never gets old. Deliberately corny, but unbelievably funny, the superhero comedy is a family favourite and is always worth re-watching. A satirical masterpiece with an impressive performance from a young Chloe Grace Moretz, we can’t believe it’s taken this long for Netflix to add it to their listings.


3. Maid in Manhattan
Where were you in 2002 if you weren’t watching J-Lo movies? If you’ve never seen a Jennifer Lopez film then we won’t lie to you – you’re not missing much. However, if you’re after a watchable, entertaining rom-com, then Maid in Manhattan is worth an hour or two of your time this Christmas. Light-hearted and mildly funny, it’s a family-friendly movie that might send you to sleep.

4. Back To The Future (2 & 3)
The second and third instalments are both added to Netflix this December. If you haven’t seen the original, obviously watch it first. Flying cars, time machines and feel-good science fiction, these are both movies you can either watch with your whole family or enjoy by yourself.


5. Love, actually
If you’re a hard-core action fan, maybe give this one a miss. The ultimate rom-com of rom-coms, Love Actually is everyone’s Christmas favourite. It follows several love stories involving very different people and explores the complex relationships that they have with each other. This is one to watch with your best friends over pizza and ice cream on boxing day.

6. Reggie Yates: Outside Man Season 2
Another six episodes following the lovable Reggie Yates as he explores extreme cultures around the world in a documentary series. The previous season saw him go to South Africa to find out about corruption and crime, and then to Russia to study some of the country’s most extreme groups of people such as far right advocates and the child model industry.



7. Sharknado
Fans of the Scary Movie or Jaw franchises are in for a treat. Sharknado is a slap-stick satirical horror about a tornado made of sharks that threatens to end life as we know it. You’ll be pleased to know that this is the first of many, many sequels (because a tornado of sharks could really happen more than once) so hopefully Netflix will eventually list volumes two through to five. If you are looking for a good giggle at something entirely silly, watch this.

8. The Grudge
Another cult-classic, The Grudge is unarguably one of the creepiest horror movies of all time. Frightening but somehow thrilling, this re-make of Japanese horror ‘Ju-On: The Grudge’ tells the story of a supernatural curse that spreads from victim to victim. A scary chain of events told in a non-linear narrative make this movie both terrifying but interesting to watch.


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