Breaking News: Boris Johnson holds Downing Street press conference

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Boris Johnson updates on Omicron, its rise and how to tackle the variant through the booster jab.

Boris Johnson held a briefing in Downing street. Breaking the news that  cases are on the rise. Accompanying Johnson in the briefing was Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer as well as NHS England’s Nikki Kanani. 

As seen in previous omicron updates, the new variant is described as highly transmissible, standing with a total of 10,017 confirmed cases and now has a doubling rate of less than two days.  

In the press conference, figures regarding Omicron specifically were unclear as the variant is in its early days, however it is clear that the figures are continuously rising. Current overall covid cases have reached record breaking numbers at 78,610 new cases within the last 24 hours alone. To help keep it at bay, the recommendations are to get a booster jab. 

Booster jabs are currently available for those 18 and above, as it is ‘vital’ in tackling the new variant. Yesterday, over 600,000 booster jabs were given, bringing the total percentage of all adults that have been given the booster to 45% in the UK. 

In hopes to get people vaccinated quickly, Boris Johnson has announced that he will remove the 15 minute post vaccination waiting time to help tackle the new variant as fast as possible. 

As the school term is finally ending, action is being taken so that children are fully jabbed before the next term starts up to allow them to go back immediately without missing out on their education. 

With the same usual advice as before, Boris Johnson concluded his section of the conference with “wear masks indoors and ventilate and get tested if you’re going to an event where you are likely to meet lots of people or are visiting the elderly and/or vulnerable relatives”. 

The General public seem to be doing what needs to be done as at-home tests are being requested, with The Royal Mail “doubling home delivery of testing kits which have reached 900,000 a day from Saturday”. 

 “Wherever you are we will be there with a jab for you, so please get boosted now” – Boris Johnson.

Watch the conference below:

Words by: Hannah Ozkadi | Subbed by: Gizdem Albayrak

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