Covid 19 – Omicron variant causes first hospitalisations days before Christmas

BREAKING NEWS – Omicron variant causes first hospitalisations in UK hospitals.

“I can confirm to you this morning there are cases in hospital with Omicron,” the education secretary told Trevor Philips this morning.

The Omicron Covid 19 variant is causing high infection rates across the UK. The government have tried to calm the spread with new rules that include face coverings are yet again compulsory in most indoor public venues.

The new variant is so infectious it is believed to dominate all variants which are currently in the UK population. 

The strain has proved to cause less severe symptoms but appears to be more infectious.

Mia, aged 18, who is a confirmed case of the new variant Omicron stated “I thought I just had a common cold. All I had was a runny nose. I just think everyone should take regular lateral flows. I came in to contact with four people a couple days before I tested positive, and now they all have it”.

Scientists and the government are urging the public to book their booster jabs to help prevent mass infection.

According to Sky News, Boris Johnson would be saying more about the booster programme “later today”. 

Words: Chloe Reilly | Subbing: Rachele Petrocchi

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