This is how “The Simpsons” supported Puerto Rico

Words: Sal Fasone | Subbing: Bernadette Galbraith

The Simpsons decided to step up Puerto Rico relief efforts in a one minute video where Moe, the bartender helps raise money and trolls Donald Trump, following Hurricane Maria.

In the video, character Moe talks about San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz who’s recently been involved in Twitter feuds with President Trump after speaking out about the devastating hurricane. Moe, who shed a tear after the news, asks Barney to pay his bar-tab of $25,000 which he decides to donate to Puerto Rico.

After The Simpsons posted the video, Cruz responded: “Thank you Moe for understanding how we feel. We have very little power but having @TheSimpsons in our corner fills our hearts with light.”

The Simpsons premiered their 29th season last month, with a statement of solidarity with Puerto Rico.
The episode ended with an image of the residents of Springfield gathered around the Puerto Rican flag, alongside the family.


You can also donate to help people from Puerto Rico!
Click here and here to find out more.

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