Bake a name for yourself on Instagram

London has an abundance of Instagram worthy places, restaurants and bars to visit. Amongst these, Milica Cosic, a cupcake-eating, sweet treat enthusiast has visited some of the best cake stores in Central London.

Over the past few years, Milica has found cake and other sweet treat stores that present their goodies so elegantly and flamboyantly, which is part of the reason that makes them so Instagrammable. Cupcakes and other sweet treats are becoming more sought after and talked about. Thus, it is no surprise that standards of stores like Lola’s and Hummingbird Bakery are becoming so high.

Lola’s, Hummingbird Bakery and Cutter & Squidge all have a specialty, which makes their goods so desirable. Winter is coming and the days are getting colder which makes a trip to London a little less desirable. But fear not, Milica has found recipes you can make without leaving the comfort of your own home. Recipes so good, you can proudly put on your Instagram page and call it your ‘pièce de résistance’.

Where: 14-18 Neal Street, Covent Garden

Milica, did you just spend a bit of your student budget on cupcakes instead of real food? Image: Milica Cosic


Cutter and Squidge
Where: 20 Brewer Street, Soho

Queues at Cutter & Squidge are almost non-existent whenever one visits, which means getting served quicker and enjoying the ‘Biskies’. Image: Milica Cosic



Hummingbird Bakery
Where: 155 Wardour Street, Soho

Tip: either of the two, the frosted brownie or, the regular brownie are definitely worth a try! Especially good with a nice, warm latte. Image: Milica Cosic


Words: Milica Cosic | Subbing: Asya Gadzheva

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