All that jazz

When people think of North London, what usually springs to mind is Abbey Road’s rich musical history or perhaps the bustling markets in Camden Town. 

When I think of North London, I think of drinks at Beer and Burger on a Friday, Quiz night at the Queensbury on a Monday and the notes left on the noticeboard every morning at Willesden Green station.

Over the past two years, Willesden, an area of North West London has become my home. Since working and living here I have found a small community of talented musicians who have come together at the heart of Willesden Green- Two Doors Down, every Sunday. 

Most of us hear music from the moment we are born. We associate music with a special occasion when we ask questions like ‘do you know what your wedding song will be?’. 

We even attach people to songs when we say to our loved one’s, ‘This song reminded me of you’. There is something about music that seems to bring us closer to one another.

Researchers suggest that as humans we are wired for music. There is a dedicated part of our brain reserved specifically for processing music. As a result, performing together has been proven to directly impact neuro-chemicals in the brain which play a role in connection. 

I talked to some of the same musicians who come back every Sunday, simply to harmonise together. 



Words: Tia Jones

Photograph: Canva

Video, filming and editing: Tia Jones

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