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Zoella’s New Goodies.

I think all in the beauty world know who vlogger turned beauty guru turned entrepreneur Zoella is.

Reporter: Kat L’Aiguille | Sub-editor: Amina Sadik

Credit: @Zoella Instagram

Instagram has become a platform for business, it is no longer just posting pictures to keep your friends and family updated on your latest trip to Paris, but Instagram has expanded horizons for young entrepreneurs to get business going and to get their work out there. The prime example of this is makeup artists and makeup artists in the UK have learnt the art of selling their skills and promoting themselves in which they get noticed by larger companies or people that are willing to sponsor them with products and advertisements that pay.

Zoella is the perfect example of “Instafamous” with 9.8 million followers, and a separate beauty account (zoellabeauty) that currently has 867K followers. What Zoella has accomplished through social networks particularly Instagram is promoting herself and her beauty skills she started off by creating YouTube videos like most makeup gurus and since then she has started making money off her name by working with companies such as Superdrug’s which is a big UK store, and the money she is now earning is enough for her to do this a day job.

Her latest work with Superdrug’s is a line of products such as bath products ranging from shower gel, bubble baths, bath salts, and other products such as mini fragrances, lip balm, hand cream and Christmas crackers including surprise products.



Credit: @Zoella Instagram
Credit: @Zoella Instagram
Credit: @Zoella Instagram

So what else can we expect from Zoella? Well as her presence grows bigger and her name gets her more known, it’s only about time before she starts selling products to more stores and bigger retailers and I am sure she will have plenty more products released as she seems to be doing seasonal or occasional products.