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YouTube Couple Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler Launch Snack Box

YouTube’s fave couple Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler have launched their first company. SourcedBox is a monthly subscription service sourced of healthy snacks ‘designed to work wonders on your well being.’

Words: Hayley Warren, Subeditor: Christie Bannon


The company, SourcedBox, matches the duo’s promotion of a healthy lifestyle on their channel as they made a public decision back in 2014 to change their ways and lead a healthier lifestyle.

They describe feeling ambushed by people telling them what they should and shouldn’t eat, they found themselves snacking on food they thought was healthy, but was in fact full of sugar. After spending a year educating themselves, they now want to share the snacks they love and whilst continuing to discover new ones and bring them to subscribers in a neat box once a month.

The boxes are packed full of freeze-dried fruits to superfood seeds from well known brands to brands they want you to discover.

Their aim is to eliminate snacks filled with sugar or crammed with chemicals and stick to natural ingredients in order for you to feel your best.

You can order your box in a monthly, one-off or annual subscription and it will be dispatched on the first week of each month.

Prices start at £21.95 for a one-off box, £18.95 for a no contract monthly subscription or a 12 month contract for £189.95.