Monday, August 20The Voice of London

Yngve Holen’s ‘Earthling’ Opens Tomorrow At Modern Art

Featured on Modern Art‘s winning Frieze 2015 Stand, Yngve Holen reveals his latest exhibition which revolves around superstition and envy.

Words: Ludovica Parisi, Subeditor: Bea Renshaw

Ynge Holen has finally brought ‘Earthling’, his second solo show, to the Stuart Shave/Modern Art gallery. Famous for his use of modern materials directly taken from the everyday environment and shaped to create futuristic sculptures, the Norwegian-German artist will show the public his new creations.

We know Holen does not fear innovation. His Original Spare Partexhibition, showcased last February 2014 at the same location, featured sculptures made of scale model airliners that were arranged beneath folds of plastic printed with thermographic images.


This time, the main theme is superstition. ‘Earthling’ will consists of lamps and shades made from scooter headlights, as well as evil stones made of blown glass. Talismans such as nazars, are created to protect people against malignity and envy – by examining the magical causes and effects of these stones, the artist aims to acquire a deeper knowledge of historical beliefs, and the power of magic.


The exhibition will run from 21st November until 18th December. There will be a private viewing today (20th November) from 6pm-8pm. Tickets are free.