Would you have sex on camera for £400?

Sexual health on campus is under the spotlight after Coventry University offered £400 to students to have sex on film.

Reporter: Maria Llamas Diaz | Sub-editor: Daniel Khalili-Tari

Coventry University hopes the campaign will increase social awareness

Coventry University

The video will only be available to over 18s. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The offer is part of the Chance 2 Change project at the university, which aims to promote condom use with real videos of students having sex.

According to the Coventry Telegraph, three couples between 18 and 25 will have sex on camera in “natural settings” including a student room and a car. The project aims to demonstrate that sex is just as good, when using a condom.

The estimated annual cost for the NHS for treating STIs is £620million. The group says the best way for young people to avoid sexually transmitted diseases is by using a condom. But, they report inconsistent use.

The 2012 Students and Sex survey by Student Beans, showed that more than 66% of sexually active students had unprotected sex at least once. While only 27% of them said they always use condoms and 35% have never been tested for STIs. But, would if they thought there was a problem.

Speaking to the Voice of London, Steve, 21, said: “It’s good that universities care about the sexual health of their students. However, I’m not sure if you need to ask people to do something like that. It seems a bit unnecessary.”

Other students said that sexually transmitted diseases are very common and information is needed in universities.

A Westminster student, Laura, 20, said: “I think trying to give a student vibe to these videos is a good idea. I wouldn’t mind being on camera for £400. If it was only for a few seconds and my face wasn’t visible.”

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