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Woman Dies After Rising Tide Capsizes Boat On The Thames

A woman has died after a boat capsized on the River Thames due to a rising tide.
Words: Daisy Greenaway

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 12.11.00
Birdseye view of the Thames. Credits Thomas Nugent via Geograph.

The female was taken to hospital was pronounced dead.

A RNLI lifeboat arrived to the scene within minutes after a man was found, soaking wet, on the shore.

They later found the woman upstream using heat source technology from a police helicopter

A spokesperson for Chiswick RNLI has said: “The man confirmed that he had been in a small boat with a female companion who was still missing. The Lifeboat crew immediately started a search up river following the incoming tide.

“The Police helicopter joined in the search and found a heat source in the river above Wandsworth Bridge. The helicopter crew directed the Lifeboat to the location where the Lifeboat crew found a woman face down in the water.

“She was taken on board and the crew commenced resuscitation while proceeding upstream.”

The incident is not being treated as suspicious.