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Will Wearing Ariana Grande’s ‘Ari’ Make Me “Beautiful, Feminine and Flirty”?

Everyone’s favourite ponytail connoisseur Ariana Grande has just released a perfume. The inventively-titled Ari has just been launched in the UK, but is it any good? To find out, I made Ari my signature scent for the day and here’s what happened…

Words: Matt Hooper, Subeditor: Natasha Bandlish

Ariana Grande
(Image: Luxe Brands Inc.)

The website for Ariana Grande’s Ari describes it as a “luscious new fragrance” that “opens with sparkling fruits and an ultra-feminine floral”. There is also an “addictive hint of marshmallow”, which is interesting because marshmallows aren’t really famed for their addictive scent. Ariana herself describes the fragrance as “beautiful, feminine and flirty”.

Patti Pietschmann of The Examiner described the fragrance as ‘flirty’, whereas blogger Desireé calls it ‘sweet and cuddly’. But will wearing it make me ‘flirty’, ‘sweet’ and ‘cuddly’? I bought some to find out.

It comes in a really pretty box:

The bottle looks a bit like a piece of rose quartz, with a giant white pom pom on the side (the pom pom is literally bigger than the bottle. ‘Ariana Grande’ is etched around the edge of the bottle too (font continuity fans rejoice: it’s in the same font as her album cover).

source: Instagram)
(source: Instagram)










But what does it smell like? Well there’s only one way to find out:

My initial reaction was “wtf I smell like cherry lambrini”. To be frank, I do. But that is by no means a bad thing. The fragrance is very sweet, to the point where people may wonder whether you’ve been rolling round in a flower bed prior to meeting them.

It is very subtle though. The ‘addictive marshmallow notes’ may read questionably, but they take the perfume away from literally being a bowl of potpourri in the house of an elderly relative. In fact, it’s probably more of a candyfloss-type smell, which is a very good thing. There’s a shower gel in Lush called ‘Snow Fairy’ which this is very similar too (albeit without the glitter).

It does feel quite fresh in comparison to the usual ‘male’ fragrances that I wear. Sometimes colognes (particularly men’s ones) are quite musky and harsh, but I feel very fresh.

I asked a few people what they thought of the fragrance, and they compared it to One Direction’s ‘Our Moment’, which means that teenage girls probably enjoy smelling like flowers and sweets. Another said that it’s very strong, which is probably because there is a fair amount of coverage on my person.

But am I “beautiful, flirty and feminine”? Well, we asked people to smell me to see what they thought:

We have a ‘feminine’! [Disclaimer: this might just be me and not the fragrance].

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