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Why Spa Day Deals Are Good For Your Health

To celebrate the end of National Spa Week we take a look at the health benefits of treatment and relaxation. It is nearly over, but you can still get a spa day bargain in London all year round.

Words: Shannon Cowley, Subeditor: Gemma Smith

It may be the last day of National Spa Week, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grab yourself a luxurious deal. A trip to the spa could be just what you need to feel refreshed, motivated and de-stressed.

Sure, paying the rent and getting the food shopping might be higher on your priority list, but it’s just as important to treat yourself and relax. And the good thing is you don’t have to spend mega-money to do this. There are endless online deals that will help you get a spa break in without feeling over indulgent.

Source: Thomas Wanhoff Flickr Studies suggest a massage treatment can relieve feelings of stress and anxiety
Studies suggest a massage treatment can relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Source: Thomas Wanhoff Flickr

So, what exactly are the health benefits?

Muscular relief
Choosing a massage treatment is a great idea if you suffer from acute back pain. Whether it’s from heavy gym sessions or sitting at your desk all day, getting those knots out is important in making you feel revitalised. Even chilling in the jacuzzi will work wonders for those little aches and pains.

Sleep improvement
If you have trouble sleeping it might be because your mind is working overtime. Research has shown that relaxation will help you sleep better. Sure, a spa day isn’t going to cure insomnia, but it will allow your brain to slow down so you can get a decent nights sleep.

Better skin
Spas offer a range of skin treatments like body scrubs and facials that are perfect if you want to feel and look better. These treatments are a brilliant way to cleanse your pores, soften your skin and even clear your breakouts.

Mental health benefits
We’re all guilty of getting caught up in the stresses of everyday life, and it doesn’t hurt to take a step back. A day at the spa can offer you tranquillity, giving you a chance to reflect. A massage can even relieve feelings of anxiety.

And, you don’t need to break your budget to sneak one in, even if it is once a year! It’s important to take a break mentally and physically; and a spa day will do exactly that. The trick is to find a 2-for-1 offer and split the cost, that way you can enjoy a day of bliss with a friend too!

Here’s a few deals sent from online heaven to help you get the treatment you deserve:

Casa Spa Experience – £39
For one / two treatments / Edgware Road

Spa Day at The Marriott Hotel County Hall – £49
For two / one treatment / Westminster

Virgin Active Revival Package- £65
For two / one  treatment / Moorgate

Health Aroma – £69
For two / one treatment / bubbly / Barbican

The Chelsea Day Spa Pamper Package – £99
For two / six treatments / Chelsea