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When Techno Meets Art: Rubens At Fabric Club

Would you ever expect to see an ornately framed classical painting, depicting a tragic, intense scene of a half naked man sleeping on the lap of a woman wearing a long, red, dress inside a techno club? Probably not.

Words: Costanza Maraffio, Subeditor: Ludovica Parisi 

Replica of Rubens' Samson and Delilah. Courtesy of The Partners.
Replica of Rubens’ Samson and Delilah. Courtesy of The Partners.

That ‘art is everywhere’, we already knew. But this statement was never as close to reality as if you go the smoking area of Fabric, the famous nightclub.

Because, quite unexpectedly, you can find a replica of Rubens’ Samson and Delilah hung on the big wall surrounding the little garden where heavy smokers find their moment of peace.

In case some of you were wondering whether they were tripping too much when they saw the painting, don’t worry. It actually exists. 

The artwork is part of the collaboration between The National Gallery and The Portraits.

Some of the finest paintings in the world can be found at The National Gallery, but despite this, compared to other galleries, it lacks awareness and appeal amongst the youngest part of the population. Most people only come to see the new exhibitions, but do not explore the permanent collection. The Partners’ role was to help promote and engage audiences with the latter. They decided to take the gallery to the people, by hanging 44 replicas of some of the paintings exposed in the permanent collection around the City, creating the Grand Tour. The painting in Fabric is a leftover from it. 

So, ravers, next time you go to Fabric and you want a proper trip, raise your eyes, and Rubens will do the rest.