When bizarre means delicious: London’s most unusual desserts

Photo Credit: Pinterest

For once, do not trust your instincts. Everything that tells you chocolate belongs in desserts and vegetables in savouries – push it out of the way. Because we will prove you wrong.

Reporter: Visnja Marjanovic | Subeditor: Ivelina Nikolova

Follow us today on a hunt for quirkiest desserts and sweets that can be found around central London. You know your day is about to get extremely weird when it involves combos like garlic & chocolate and basil & ice cream. Yum or yuck? Stick around to find out.

So we all like seeing videos like this one, where vloggers try out bizarre makeup products, visit strange places, taste unusual food from different countries – and we love seeing them get disappointed (Right? No? Just us? Okay). But we also get excited when it actually works in the end! So our today’s vlog is to show you how often these things end on a positive note and that sometimes taking risks pays off.

It may look odd and it may sound uneatable and, at the thought of eating it, you may be like…


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But, just this once, take our advice. Step out of your comfort zone the next time you are going through the menu at a restaurant and are about to order the same old damn thing you did the last time. And the time before. Try something new. Maybe fruit sauce & meat combo is not your thing, but you did enjoy that salted caramel fudge? Few years ago, none of us thought that would ever work. And here we are now – totally addicted. So, yes, sometimes you will not be wowed by these strange food trends, but it is that one time an unusual dish actually tastes delicious that counts…even if it involves parsnip in your white chocolate mousse.

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